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Why Your Business Should be Blogging


Chances are, by now you have heard about blogging, but have you started blogging for your business yet? If you are still skeptical that blogging can help your business, keep reading. No company is too old school, or too niche to benefit from blogging. I have seen companies that manufacture solder paste, and companies that build fences who are not only blogging, but people are reading... and more importantly, buying. Here are just a few reasons why it is essential to start blogging asap, before you end up behind the curve. 

Content Is King, & Blogging is the King of Content!

The best way to rank high in Google is to write as many pages of GOOD and RELEVANT content around your keywords. The more pages you have, the more surface area you present to Google. Google looks for two things when deciding where you rank - relevance and authority, having a blog boosts your relevance with every blog post. And the more people who read your blog, the more people who will start linking to your posts, and this will raise your authority.

Takeaway - The more content you have, the better you will rank & Blogging is the easiest way to add a TON of content.

Blogging makes you a thought leader.

Blogging is a great way to set yourself up as a thought leader in your industry. The sooner you can get into it, the better. As the popular saying goes: "The internet moves in minutes and hours, not days and weeks" and its true.

Takeaway - You want to capture that thought leadership before your competition does!

It gives your company a voice.

Blogging isnt only good for your Google rank, it makes your customers and prospects feel like the REALLY know your company. Putting time and effort into a blog that is usefull and relevant to your target audience shows them that you are knowledeble and passionate about your field, and that is always a good thing.

Takeaway - People like companies that blog.

5 Inspiring Articles to Help You Start Blogging


Anyone can blog. Many people seem intimidated when it comes to blogging, and think that they just cant do it. The truth is, if you can read and write, you can blog. The following articles will help you find your inspiration. But first a video:

Timothy Ferris (4 hour workweek) with tips on blogging:

How to Blog Almost Every Day - Chris Brogan

How to Blog Your Way to Small-Business Success - U.S. News

Ten Tips for Writing a Blog Post - Pro Blogger

How to Write a Better Weblog - A List Apart

Social Media Will Change Your - Business Week

What is Inbound Marketing?


If you have found my page, you probably have an idea of what Inbound Marketing is. If you are still a little unsure of what Inbound marketing is, and how it differs from Internet Marketing, SEO and other web marketing buzzwords - read on.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a relatively new term that arose out of the need to describe a new kind of internet marketing. From a high level Inbound Marketing is all about creating valuable content in order to attract a large amount of traffic to your website ORGANICALLY. But if Inbound Marketing just stopped there, it would be no different SEO. The difference is the use of social media to promote your content and engage in conversations with people about your company and industry. When we are talking about Inbound Marketing, one line can sum it up best build it, optimize it, and twitter it and they will come.....

But does it apply to my small business?

Inbound Marketing has the power to pull in more leads than traditional sources like TV and Radio at a lower cost. This creates an even playing field and favors the small business because it isn't about how big your budget is, rather its about the amount brainpower you want to invest. While your larger competitors are trying to figure this out and change their mindset from "Outbound Marketing" you will be well on your way to ranking on the top of Google, gaining blog subscribers, and twitter followers. It is all about timing, so you can start now and be ahead of the curve, or wait until your chasing it. It wont be long before your competition catches on.

Extra Reading

Now that you have wet your apetite for Inbound Marketing, I highly recommend two main courses - Inbound Marketing and The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Both books are short and easy reads, and when you are done, you will be on your way to Inbound Marketing Success.


Use the Internet to Find Better Employees


I just started working at Hubspot, and I have never found a company that is such a great fit in culture and for my particular set of skills. Because of this, I know I will be successful here. How can you attract employees who are passionate about your business and its success?  Hint - its not much different than attracting the right customers.

Tip 1: Stand Out

When I first decided it was time to change careers, I did what any good job hunter does - I made a list. Hubspot was on the top of that list because they stood out. One easy way to stand out - be thoughtful with your Job titles and descriptions. Dont take the cookie cutter approach to describing your ideal employee, unless of course your ideal employee is cookie cutter. Another way to stand out is to post video's showing how fun it is to work at your company. below you will see the video posted on HubSpots Job page. This leads me to tip #2

    Tip 2: Re-Invent the Job Description

    Lets admit it, most Job descriptions tell us little to nothing about what the job will actually entail, and who would be the best fit for it. One of the first things that attractred me to hubspot was the way they wrote thier Job descriptions. I immediatly knew I was a good fit, because they took the time to really describe thier ideal employee and what the position really entails. If you have time, browse through all of thier Job postings. If you are like me and are too lazy to click links, I posted a small snippit from HubSpots job page below:

    "Are you an "A+" player? Do you like challenges? Are you passionate about your work? Do you like free espresso? Will you fight others for the last slice of pizza? Do you want to work at a venture-backed startup in Cambridge, MA, the cradle of high tech? HubSpot is currently looking for star players to add to our team. If you enjoy an unstructured, fast-paced environment where the only limit to your growth is your own capabilities, contact us today. All of our employees receive stock options and plenty of freedom."

    Tip 3: Use Social Networks

    Job boards are dead. Savvy companies today use Linked-In, Facebook and twitter to find the perfect employees. Linked-In is especially valuable for this, look for people with a few referrals on thier page. The more you build up your network on linked in, the more connections you will be able to go through to find the perfect employee.
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